My Trip to Point Reyes!

Hey everybody!

So, recently I went hiking at Point Reyes with one of my best friends. For any of you that don’t know, Point Reyes is a really popular destination in Northern California. It’s close to San Francisco, and it has a bunch of hiking trails that are along the beach and through meadows and forests. It was my first time hiking there, so I was really excited to see if it was as amazing as I’d heard. And it was!

Since neither of us had been there, we had to stop at the Point Reyes National Seashore station to actually find a trail and ask the rangers how to get there. We chose the Tomales Trail, which was at the very top of Point Reyes. The path we chose was along the coast the entire hike! SO PRETTY!!  The hike started at this little parking lot which was surrounded by all of these white barns that seemed abandoned, but they were so pretty, that we stopped to take some photos, and explore one of them. It was a little creepy, because it was so empty but it was still really cute.

Point Reyes

Our hike was a little less than nine miles there and back. It wasn’t super hard, but by the end we were ready to sit down and enjoy the ride home! LOL.

On our way home we decided that we deserved some ice cream, so we stopped at this place called Screamin’ Mimi’s, and it was so cute in there! Really colorful and the ice cream was so good after that long hike!

Point Reyes 6

Anyways, it was such a fun day I thought I would write about it! I definitely want to go back and try a lot of the different trails they have, especially the ones that go through meadows and forests, and the one that goes to the lighthouse, because I LOVE lighthouses! It was such a gorgeous day and just a really good time and workout!

Thanks for reading, and comment below if you’ve ever been to Point Reyes, or if you’ve discovered any cool hiking places near you!

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